About Us

Nobeah is a technology company focusing on technology with deep potential for social impact as well as strong business growth prospects. Our innovative technology targets transformative change, aiming to dramatically impact areas such as literacy, and health care.

Core Values

Nobeah’s core values are to seek deeply insightful solutions that reach the heart of social challenges, changing the very equations so that they solve themselves in a sustainable way

Making a change in Africa...

Persistent pursuit of winning solutions.


Our commitment to transform literacy

We intend to deploy on a large scale and make available free e-textbooks which will allow transformation of literacy and workforce exposure to technology in a single generation. The goal is to raise the Kenyan standard of living by educating the workforce and raising the technological capability of the workforce so it is better equipped to be employed in the jobs of the future.


Our innovation and invention strategies.

Our proposals to potentially bring semiconductor (SoC) and LCD manufacturing to Kenya will create high tech industries where none has existed before and employ potentially thousands of Kenyan engineers. These proposals are only possible because of the open source model we are using which will enable us to engage universities and train university students to a far greater degree than any other vendor, and these proposals are only possible again because of the DDM methodology we are developing to enable that engagement. No other company has any plan to bring a full high tech industry to Kenya.